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Supreme Court Blocks OSHA Vaccine or Test Mandate

The U.S. Supreme court blocked OSHA's temporary standard requiring businesses with at least 100 employees to require vaccination or undergo weekly COVID-19 testing. The court did, however allow the federal goverment's mandate to require COVID-19 vaccination for health care workers at Medicare and Medicaid certified providers and suppliers.

The decision called the rule regarding employers with 100 or more employees a "significant encroachment into the lives and health of a vast number of employees." Some have estimated that if allowed, the rule would have affected some 80 million American workers.

OSHA polices workplace safety for the Labor Department and had issued the temporary starndard under its emergency power established by Congress at the urging of the Biden administration. The court stated further in their unsigned opinion "Although Congress has indisputably given OSHA the power to regulate occupational dangers, it has not given the agency the power to regulate public health more broadly."

The court's ruling severely limits further pushes by the Biden administration to pursue workplace vaccine mandates, however it still allows for businesses to decide on their own if they'll implement a vaccine mandate for their own workforce.

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