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Our Consulting Services

Changes in strategic direction are healthy and natural for a company's continued success. Markets, laws, technology, labor availability, and operational trends do not stay stagnant and neither should a dynamic, vibrant company.

Our solutions teams offer a variety of à la carte HR Outsourcing, PR & Marketing, and Business Start-Up Solutions  to meet these challenges.  We also offer our flagship solution, Fractional and Interim COO services. Silver Tiger Consulting's founder, Cori DiDonato provides our flagship Fractional and Interim COO services, often augmented by specialists from Silver Tiger Consulting's other solution teams.

When a business owner or CEO hires Cori DiDonato to serve as their fractional or interim COO (Chief Operating Officer), they are hiring an operator who can galvanize execution on the CEO's vision for the company across all functions: HR, Marketing, Finance, IT, and Operations.  As a fractional COO (longer term part-time) and Interim COOs (short term part-time to handle a specific business stage or key employee transition) Cori provides the following services:

a.) identifying and fixing operational and financial challenges in a business
b.) improve and eliminating key strategic problems with a business's pricing/accounts receivable/staffing/service/sourcing model

c.) drive revenue and profit simultaneously through marketing, technology, HR, business operation enhancements, and financial initiatives.


Are you ready to be the catalyst for change in your organization? Contact us today for a complimentary consultation session and see what we can do together!

Our Principal

Cori DiDonato has over 30 years of experience in business management.  Prior to founding Silver Tiger Consulting, Ms. DiDonato held various leadership positions in the construction, high-tech, and finance world, including VP, Infrastructure and Engineering/CIO at Medem, Inc.; VP, Strategic Product Sales for Washington Mutual; various leadership positions at PeopleSoft and Oracle, as well as Interim and Fractional COO positions at  construction, life sciences, and real estate development firms.  Ms. DiDonato is a member of the Associated General Contractors of America, the Associated General Contractors of Massachusetts, and ISPE, the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering.  Ms. DiDonato is currently the Chief Operating Officer of STEM Solutions LLC., a leading subcontractor that provides and installs laboratory casework, equipment, and fixtures throughout the East Coast.

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