Our Consulting Services

Silver Tiger Consulting helps CEOs, COOs and business owners grow their enterprises in the most efficient and profitable way possible, by providing affordable business management consulting and pre-packaged outsourcing solutions.

Our consulting services include:


a.) identifying and fixing operational and financial challenges in a business;

b.) improving and eliminating key strategic problems with a business's pricing/accounts receivable/staffing/service/sourcing model, and;

c.) driving revenue and profit simultaneously through marketing, business operation, and financial initiatives.

Silver Tiger's consulting engagements often lead to longer-term retainer and/or pre-packaged solutions which Silver Tiger Consulting is happy to provide.  These include handling certain ongoing business operations, implementing and overseeing financial controls, website building, revamping, and/or hosting; promotion or event management; SEO, email and digital marketing; business automation projects, recruiting assistance; assistance preparing for and obtaining financing; and designing and implementing optimal owner exit strategies.  

Our Process

Our consulting arrangements typically start with an initial retainer.  The initial retainer covers the first consulting engagement and situational assessment. At a minimum, the initial retainer includes two 1.5 hour meetings either at Silver Tiger Consulting's Headquarters or at the client site.*


The first consulting agreement focuses on the objectives outlined above. We'll accomplish as much towards the above objectives as we can in the meetings, plus email and phone support follow-up time, with the goal of the initial consulting arrangement being the development and deliverable of a proposed road map to achieve the key objectives identified in the initial meeting.

Both meetings, as well as email and phone support, are scheduled and done within 21 calendar days.  We find our clients are most successful when they focus strongly on the objectives of the initial consulting engagement within a 2-3 week period.

*If meeting is at customer site, travel costs are billed separately at $85/hour + mileage.

Our Principal

Cori DiDonato has over 21 years of experience in business management, including owning and operating a retail CrossFit gym for 10 years which she successfully sold in 2016. Prior to owning Silver Tiger Consulting,  Ms. DiDonato held various leadership positions in the high-tech and finance world, including VP, Strategic Product Sales for Washington Mutual, VP, Infrastructure and Engineering/CIO at Medem, Inc., and management positions at Oracle Corporation,  PeopleSoft, and Wells Fargo.  Ms. DiDonato holds a B.S. in Corporate Communications from Ithaca College. In addition to owning Silver Tiger Consulting, Cori is a Co-Founder of The Property Ducks, a real estate development company, and also the owner of Silver Tiger Gym, another local Wakefield, MA business.   

Our Partnerships

Silver Tiger Consulting partners with some of the best-of-the-best enterprises for our rapid implementation projects.  These are just some of our official partners we work with through this program:

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