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Coronavirus Response and Upcoming Silver Tiger Consulting Workshops: Updated 3/23/2020

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

The entire Silver Tiger Consulting Team is working from home and we continue to support your HR, Business Operations, and Marketing & Communications needs without interruption in service.

Earlier today, Governor Baker issued a revised order today for for non-essential businesses to cease in-person operations as of Tuesday 3/23/2020 at noon through noon on 4/7/2020. Please note: This does NOT affect Silver Tiger Consulting's operations as we have all already been working from home since March 12, 2020. All hours of operation are currently remaining the same.

Calls are being patched through from our call center to our cell phones. Please make sure you are calling our MAIN number at 866-276-8981 for call patching or cell phones and not our desk phones:

We have postponed or provided alternate scheduling for all clients via Zoom for all in-person meetings previously scheduled between 3/12/2020 and 4/7/2020 as we continue to monitor the developing situation.

Due to coronavirus concerns, all of our in person small group (limited to 5 participants) workshops listed for the rest of this year will have an alternate online option to attend emailed to registered participants. The online version will be completely interactive, including participants able to share their own screens during the hands-on portions of the workshops.

As of right now, we are still planning on running the in-person version of our small group training workshops for the rest of this year, with the next one scheduled for 4/9/2020, but there will be an option to attend the same workshops at the same time online via Zoom once you register. As it is looking likely that the 4/9/2020 workshop may be online only should Governor's Baker order be extended, please make sure you have access to a computer and internet connection to participate. You do NOT need a webcam to participate and share your screen.

We will be notifying registered attendees if the in-person version of a specific workshop will be cancelled should conditions change and they will of course have the option to either reschedule the in-person event for one of our workshops being held at a later date or to attend in person via Zoom.

We continue to honor our 8 day cancellation notice- any cancellations received in email to 8 days prior to the event will be provided a full refund. As online workbooks and other training materials are sent out 7 days prior to the event, we can not late refund anyone, however, you can reschedule for a later date workshop. To register for an upcoming event, please visit:

In addition, we have implemented an online training alternative through Zoom that will take place at the same time as the in-person events for all scheduled events through the end of this year. Registered participants for our events, based on their company policy and own personal health status can choose whether or not to attend in person or remotely via Zoom. The remote session will be highly interactive between both the remote and in-person attendees, including allowing participants to share their screen during the hands-on training portions with the live in person attendees. If you are feeling ill or have a cough the day of the event, please use the online option for attending the event.

To register for our upcoming events, please visit:

PLEASE NOTE: Only registered, paid attendees will receive the link and password to attend online.

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