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8 Press Release Ideas to Kick Off your 2021 Marketing

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Photo by Trang Doan from Pexels

Press releases are a great way to get information about your company out to a wide audience. As most are published on a variety of digital platforms, press releases are also a fast way to get high quality, longer term back links to your web site (which helps tremendously with SEO). We’ll be talking more about how we use press releases for our clients in our upcoming 2021 Marketing – A Simple Plan for Success Webinars. More info about these webinars can be found here.

When working with our PR and marketing clients, when we mention press releases, we often get asked “But what would you write about?”

Here are 8 great topics we’ve used for our clients that make great press releases:

1. Charitable Giving and Event Participation Many companies are heavily involved in supporting charities. Charitable entities often have low marketing budgets, so a press release about your company’s involvement with a charity has the added benefit of free exposure for your charity.

2. New Product or Service Launches If you have recently launched a new product or service, why not describe its features and who it benefits in a press release?

3. Upcoming Projects We have a lot of commercial construction clients, and one type of release that always gets a lot of hits are our “XYZ Company Breaks Ground on ABC Building.” Not only does this provide a vehicle for getting stakeholders involved, people like to be in the know on projects happening in and around their community.

4. Recently Completed Projects Recently completed projects also have great potential for press releases and give opportunities for multiple stakeholders to give quotes and get involved in sharing your press release once it is published.

5. Event Updates If your business is hosting an upcoming event or webinar, getting the word out on these events, along with registration details in a press release tends to increase registration dramatically. A press release’s reach is much farther than most company’s own audience.

6. Awards, Industry Recognition, and Promotions If your company or a staff member has received an award, special industry recognition, or has been recently promoted this is a great press release topic.

7. Conference Participation

If a staff member is speaking at a conference, or you are participating as an exhibitor (even if the conference is online), this is a great topic. It not only gets the word out on your company’s skills, but the release tends to get shared by conference organizers on their platforms.

8. No Covid Layoffs This is a great achievement for companies in the current climate. If you were able to survive 2020 without laying off any staff due to Covid and are aiming to maintain that, definitely get the word out. It will build not only goodwill in your community, but it gets the word out that you are open and doing business!

We offer our clients local/regional press release writing and distribution starting at $895 & national/international distribution starting at $995. Interested in finding out more about our press release writing and distribution options? Give us a call today at 866-276-8981 or send us an email at

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