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5 Free Ways You Can Show the Love

Have a favorite small business, local professional, or great coffee shop you just love? Don't let them get buried in the marketing deluge from their larger competitors this holiday season!

Here are 5 easy and free ways you can help get the word out this holiday season about your favorite business, local professional, or retail shop in your life:

1. Like or comment on one of their social media posts- help them get the message out to a wider audience by showing your support and interest on their social media sites

2. Leave a 5- star review on Google or Facebook- avoid Yelp if you don’t review a lot on that site as good reviews tend to get filtered out if the person leaving the review isn’t an active reviewer on the site. Your Google and Facebook reviews will always show up, having greater positive impact.

3. Check in on Facebook when you visit a local retailer or business office to let your friends know you are trying them out, using their service, or attending their event.

4. Let others know when you are happy about a product or service you’ve received and let them know how to get in touch with that business. Word of mouth can really help a small business- especially if someone hasn’t heard of the business through other traditional advertising. Your vote of confidence really counts.

5. Shop local and with friends! You’d be surprised how many people spend quite a bit of money for products and services at big name stores and organizations, but scoff when a friend or family member is selling a similar product or offering a similar service themselves. Just because the brand is bigger, doesn’t mean it is better. In fact, smaller service organizations and retailers can often offer a higher level of service and expertise over the bigger named organizations.

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Have a business in your life that could use marketing help this holiday season? Send them our way- we’d love to help:

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