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Colleagues at Work

All of our monthly e-mail marketing plan packages below utilize a managed Constant Contact account that we help our clients set up (or they already have). If you have a current Constant Contact account and would like our help, we can help you transition to a Managed Constant Contact account at no extra charge.


If you would like one-on-one help here at our offices with strategy planning or Constant Contact training, we also provide 90 minute sessions for $150 per session. To purchase a single 90 minute session, please email

Basic Newsletter Plan: No Automation or Auto-Responders
One monthly newsletter with up to 3 Segments:
$499/mo for accounts under 5K contacts

$575/mo for account with 5,001-15,000 contacts

Custom pricing for accounts with 15,001+ contacts

  • copy editing of existing content; creation of newsletter; assistance creating content topics and promotion ideas; uploading new contacts from excel file only (contacts must be clean and submitted in format and should not have "<, or other symbols in the email field);

  • basic automated reporting on which contacts clicked what, which contact opened the email, which contacts unsubscribed, and which contacts bounced;

  • a quarterly kick-off account review to determine how to best handle any bounced contacts that occurred during the previous full quarter in which you were paying for our monthly service

  • Pricing above is based on an initial 1 year contract; contracts turns into month to month after the first year


Please contact us for custom pricing on accounts that have or want auto-responders set up, want to send multiple emails per month and/or are needing integration with a CRM or other software. 


Custom Projects
Need Constant Contact integrated with another application, back-end eCommerce application, or database? We can help. We provide the technical know-how and expertise to integrate Constant Contact with more than 100 different applications and our list is growing monthly. 

*Billed Month to Month, Prices subject to change; No Contract; 15 days notice to cancel or change plans is required in writing to

Need to unsubscribe or switch monthly options?  

Please note: We require written notice that you are cancelling once your contract turns to month to month. This courtesy allows us to appropriately stop any ongoing work we have planned for your upcoming newsletter that extends past your next billing date so we do not incur costs you do not intend to pay.


Please contact us in writing at as soon as you know you'd like to cancel.


We do not refund for partial month's payments of the above email management plans, but as long as you email us 15 business days prior to your next billing date, we will stop the next billing (or switch to a different plan if that is your request) once you are out of your initial 1 year contract.


You'll receive a written confirmation of your cancellation request that will include the date you are paid through. Existing ad campaigns and any existing prepaid work requests will run until the end of your prepaid billing cycle, even if you submit your cancellation notice.

Email Marketing Only Monthly Solutions

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