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What is included in a Retained Recruiting agreement?

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Silver Tiger Consulting's retained recruiting solution provides a cost effective and efficient nationwide alternative to other methods of recruiting employees. Our services are a true extension of your internal HR and hiring departments.  We minimize interruptions and lost productivity associated with recruiting for your hiring manager and your existing internal HR staff compared to just using internal resources and/or contingency recruiters alone. 

As a key feature of our retained recruiting solution, we are building a constantly fed warehouse of candidates for your positions for you on systems you own.  Using our services has been proven to significantly reduce your costs over time compared to not only contingency-only recruiting options but also in-house recruiting methods and processes.   

Silver Tiger Consulting complements and extends the reach of a company’s internal HR department and hiring staff by providing the following services:

  1. Assistance creating and posting job descriptions on various job placement sites.

  2. Assistance determining appropriate salary range for positions, including providing salary survey information to the hiring team.

  3. Assistance creating and managing a company’s Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Facebook Jobs, or resume database and job posting page. 

  4. Assistance creating, updating and maintaining a client's internal warehouse of candidates continuously being fed by the above job boards.

  5. Leveraging our existing network of recruiting partners and other recruiting accounts Silver Tiger already has in place (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) to extend the reach of a company’s current advertising efforts or legacy contingency recruiting efforts.

  6. Providing a comprehensive marketing plan and social media strategy for company personnel and hiring managers to leverage regarding their job openings to facilitate additional candidates applying

  7. Assisting the company in obtaining candidate referrals from current staff and customers (and existing contingency recruiters if those arrangements are in place)

  8. Communicating with past, current, and ongoing candidate pool regarding job openings, salary range, benefits information, and information regarding requirements and specific needs of the particular hiring manager.

  9. Pre-screening of all candidates to ensure that the candidates that are being placed in front of the hiring manager meet his or her minimum requirements levels, and any salary or special work considerations a candidate requires (i.e. flexible schedule) that are out of the ordinary are identified and communicated up front to the hiring manager to determine if they are acceptable.

  10. Silver Tiger Consulting handles the communicating with and to candidates who are not qualified for the position to ensure that all candidates have a positive experience with the company, even if they are not selected for a current round of interviews or extended a job offer.

  11. Provided hiring managers a weekly schedule by the Friday before they want interviews scheduled on a rolling basis; Silver Tiger will coordinate all interview schedules, follow up with hiring managers, and handle all communication to candidates regarding status.

  12. Silver Tiger Consulting will negotiate and extend approved verbal offers of employment.

  13. Create a template for company resources to use to extend the written offer (note- Silver Tiger Consulting does not extend written offers as these should be signed by the hiring manager and extended by the company’s internal HR staff or hiring manager).

  14. Create a template and provide assistance in determining appropriate documents to include in a new hire package. Please note: for legal and compliance reasons, Silver Tiger Consulting does not provide new hire paperwork or check new hire paperwork for new hires under Retained Recruiting only agreements.  For help with this, please contact for assistance with one of our other outsourced HR packages.

  15. Facilitating the collection of candidate references and providing reference checks if needed for the company on behalf of the hiring manager; reporting results of reference checks to hiring manager.

  16. Providing assistance to a company’s internal HR department and hiring managers to educate company resources on compliance with Federal and State law in the hiring and interview process.

If your internal staff is busy, Silver Tiger can also supply optional on-boarding and new hire employee services as part of our Human Resources service packages for an additional fee. 


Please contact us at for more information and a free quote!

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