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Getting Started with Online Marketing


Email Cori at to request this workshop.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM EST

Please note: we can not provide refunds with less than 8 calendar days written notice to  Pre-conference prep materials are sent out one week prior to event to allow participants adequate prep time.  Thank you for understanding.


Stoneham Public Library
431 Main Street
Stoneham, MA 02180 


Cori DiDonato
Silver Tiger Consulting


As a certified Constant Contact Solution Provider, we host a number of workshops each year to provide low-cost training for you and/or your marketing staff. You'll leave our workshops with plenty of information and the technical know-how to implement these strategies for your business right away.

Getting Started with Online

The idea of getting your business online can often feel scary and even confusing. With so many moving parts, figuring out what to do and how to do it presents a unique challenge for time-starved small business owners. Don’t worry, once you understand how it all works together you can stop wasting time and focus on the things that actually benefit your business.


If you’re just getting started with online marketing or not seeing the results you’ve hoped for...this session is for you. You’ll learn which online elements will actually get the word out about your business and how to create them!  Best of all you won’t need a lot of time, a web development staff, or a lot of money to do it!


In this session you’ll learn:


  • How people find you online

  • How to set yourself up for success

  • How to encourage new and repeat business

  • How to plan a basic campaign that converts social media "likes" and web site "visits" to paying clients

Workshop prep materials will be sent out 1 week prior to give everyone time to prepare for the class. 

Who Should Attend: 

If you are newer to social media marketing, online marketing, and/or email marketing, and are looking to get help creating a streamlined and effective start to a more formal marketing plan, this workshop is for you!  

Space is limited to make sure everyone gets enough help and support during the session.  Register today to make sure you have your spot.  Each attendee must have a separate registration - no guests please.

Wifi and Parking are free at the Stoneham Public Library.  Feel free to bring a laptop as you'll be able to bring up any of your current social media pages, web site, and materials you may already have for review.

Lunch (sandwiches and snacks) will be served during this session, and you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Sign up today and take your marketing to the next level!

Cost is $59/session.

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