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5 Keys to Successful Email Marketing

There are 5 Keys to a Successful Email Marketing Program:

1. Branding Consistent use of logo, colors, social media links, and messaging.

2. Segmentation Creating smaller, targeted groups of email recipients to focus messaging on what they really need and want.

3. Automation Emails are sent automatically to your segmented lists based on specific actions they take.

4. Personalization Emails are sent from either role emails ( or specific individuals your contacts are familiar with at your company depending on where they are in the sales cycle. Email content is further personalized based on interests and needs unique to the recipient.

5. Automatic List Growth Automated and organic mechanisms for growing your permission based contact list to attract and retain new contacts are in place on your web site, integrated with social media, and are available off-line as well.

If you don't have all 5 of these elements in place and working for you, you are spending a lot more time and making a lot less money on your marketing efforts than you should be.

As a certified Constant Contact Solution Provider, we are here to help with training and outsourced solutions that will help you incorporate all 5 elements into your email marketing plan.

You can check out our upcoming in-person workshops and webinars here:

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