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Silver Tiger Consulting has a comprehensive digital marketing strategy package available covering content marketing, social media marketing, lead magnet creation, marketplace sites, social review sites, and industry specific web site listings as well as a number of ongoing subscription plans available if you decide to outsource management of this on an ongoing basis. If we do not host your web site, we'd be happy to create a customized plan to suit your needs that can be used on any site, regardless of where it is hosted as long as you have some type of access to your site's Meta Data and the ability to update your site's content.  

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a vital part of any business marketing strategy today.  Most customers find and decide to work with local businesses by doing an online search, even if they were recommended by word of mouth.  It is vital that when a potential customer searches for you online that they find you, and not one of your competitors.  Even worse is when they do an online search and they either don’t find you or don’t find any accurate or relevant information about you at all- making it look like you don’t have a valid, trustworthy business.

SEO Definition

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is the ongoing process of ensuring that your website ranks high enough in search engine results that you have enough relevant visitors finding and looking at your web site. SEO requires frequentupdates to your web content, updates to your meta-data, and vigilance in monitoring and building relationships with other sites linking to your site.  It doesn’t always have to be an expensive solution (in fact, many expensive solutions don’t really drive relevant traffic), but whatever solution you choose, it does have to be a consistent part of your business management.  The days of being able to create a web site and updating it and the rest of your online presence once or twice a year are long gone.

SEO and Digital Marketing Solutions

At Silver Tiger Consulting, we have a number of low cost options that help ensure that you are not only ranked high enough, but that you are eventually found in what is known as the local google 3 Pack- the top 3 web sites that show up in google when a potential customer does a search for businesses like yours in their area.  Most often, they are doing this search on a smart phone, so making sure you can be found through a mobile device on all 3 main search engines is a key element of this solution.

Mobile Optimization

You can see what your site looks like to mobile device users and find out today if your site is mobile friendly by entering your site’s URL here:

Search Engine Listings and Traffic

To find out what kind of traffic you are getting and where it is coming from, you’ll need some type of Analytic software that is tracking what is happening with visitors on your web site.  If your current web site doesn’t offer analytics, you can sign up for Google Analytics (it is free) here:

To keep getting traffic, and keep your rankings higher, you’ll also need the big 3 search engines listing you in their place pages- Google My Business, Bing for Business, and Yahoo Business Listings.’

Silver Tiger Consulting can help you claim these 3 place pages, utilize their advertising options, as well as get “verified” so you can build out your profile and be found when users in your area are searching for businesses like yours on one of these engines.  Silver Tiger Consulting also helps you obtain reviews on these sites and others once your page is claimed and verified.

To do it yourself, or see if you are listed (and correctly!) you can start here for Google My Business:

Start here for Bing:

And here for Yahoo- this one is a bit tricky, so don’t accidentally sign up for their paid service YEXT- you can still use this to see if and where you are listed and if you can still get a listing for free, but it takes a bit of digging:

Social Media and Social Review Site Listings

Creating and maintaining a social media presence is a key item for any business that wants to be found by potential customers online.  Social media is very easy for potential customers to interact with, refer to, and share their experience with your business.  If you don’t already have a standard robust social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, LinkedIn, Instagram), Silver Tiger Consulting can help you obtain, build, and manage your company page on all of these sites.

Industry Specific Listings

Also important is having links to your site from Industry specific sites your potential customers trust and actively use.  When they are looking for businesses like yours on these sites, you want them to find you and be directed to your web site with your contact information, etc.  An example of an industry specific site for home improvement contractors is Houzz or Angie’s list.  Silver Tiger Consulting can help you obtain, build out, and actively manage your profile on any of these sites.  Most of the sites are free to build out  profile page on, so you can take a look today by searching for your business on these sites.

Marketplace sites

There are a number of marketplace sites (mostly hosted by larger vendors you may be partnered with, industry trade shows you may participate in, and professional organizations your company may belong to) available to most industries that allow you to also be listed and provide links back to your site to promote your goods and services.  This is very important in the business to business industry as your partnerships and memberships with other, larger organizations andvendors are promoted as well as your own business's profile being delivered to a highly segmented and targeted audience.   

Content, Keywords, and Navigation

These vital 3 pieces of your web site are pretty easy to create and fix, but they are most often ignored.  It is important to have relevant key words in your meta-data, content, and page titles.  Potential and current customers must be able to easily navigate your site to find their information before they get frustrated and “bounce” off your site. It is also important to have enough content on each of your site pages that search engines and potential customers actually consider your site useful.  Silver Tiger Consulting can help you identify, create, and manage all three of these web site elements.

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