Business Operation Solutions For Any Stage of Business

Silver Tiger Consulting provides business operations solutions to create efficiency, free up the owner's time, and maximize profits for any stage of a business's life-cycle.  Our customer is typically an owner of a medium sized business with gross revenues anywhere from $750,000 to $25,000,000.  Our services include:

  • Working with potential business owners (or those looking to purchase a business) to create a business plan and budget projections to obtain new financing
  • Working with current CEOs and business owners to establish and implement financial controls for a growing business
  • Working with current CEOs and business owners on training staff to implement a faster and more efficient invoice/accounts receivable process
  • Assisting CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and business owners who have newly acquired a business with continuing and improving operations and minimizing service disruptions
  • Working with CEOs and business owners to scale a business beyond their first 2M in revenue
  • Working with CEOs, Sales teams, and Marketing teams to create an automated warm lead generation process into the business to eliminate cold calling and other labor-intensive sales and marketing activities
  • Assisting CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and business owners with documenting and then automating existing business processes, including generating and handling new sales and customers, obtaining payment from customers on services rendered, onboarding new employees and customers, getting benefits and other HR related processes, procedures, and programs in place (ex: payroll setup), and automating daily operations tasks done by employees or the owner.
  • Assisting amall to mid-sized business owners with preparing a succession plan and exit strategy for selling their business and/or retiring from business

Our consulting arrangements typically start with an initial retainer.  The initial retainer covers the first consulting engagement and situational assessment.
At a minimum, the initial retainer includes two 1.5 hour meetings either at Silver Tiger Consulting's Headquarters or at the client site*
Meeting Minutes with Detailed Action Items
Proposed Road Map to Implement Key Goals for the Organization
Both meetings, as well as email and phone support are scheduled and done within 21 calendar days.  We find our clients are most successful when they focus strongly on the objectives of the initial consulting engagement within a 2-3 week period.
*If meeting is at customer site, travel costs are billed separately at $85/hour + mileage
The first consulting agreement focuses on a.) identifying and fixing operational challenges in your business b.) improving and eliminating key strategic problems with your business's pricing/accounts receivable/financial controls/staffing/service/sourcing model and c.) driving revenue and profit simultaneously through marketing, operation, and financial initiatives.   
We'll accomplish as much towards the above objectives as we can in the meetings and email and phone support follow up time, with the goal of the initial consulting arrangement above being the development and deliverable of a proposed road map to achieve the key objectives identified in the initial meeting.

Silver Tiger's initial consulting projects often lead to longer-term retainer and/or hourly billed pre-packaged solutions which Silver Tiger Consulting is happy to provide.  These include continued work on objectives and items identified in the initial consulting project above, sourcing and vetting potential vendors and solutions providers, handling certain ongoing business operations, implementing and monitoring financial controls, web site building, and revamping; promotion or event management;  email and digital marketing; business automation projects, recruiting assistance; assistance preparing for and obtaining financing; and designing and implementing optimal owner exit strategies.   Some of these pre-packaged specific solutions can be found here.

Not sure exactly how to start or if consulting is in your budget?  Contact us today for a complimentary 30 minute consultation at Silver Tiger Consulting's headquarters in Wakefield, MA or 30 minute phone consultation by emailing us at or calling us at 781-968-5421.