Web Sites and Email Marketing Aren't enough:

Why You Need an Actionable and Measurable Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing is drawing customers to your company’s products and services via a mix of social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, and brand awareness strategies.  As customers take their product and brand interactions online more and more, inbound marketing strategies and assets have become a critical component of the ideal customer experience.

The different types of assets you can invest your time and money in keep growing across the variety of social platforms and marketing software add-ons available.  To really know what to invest in, it is necessary to move beyond just brand awareness strategies.  Inbound marketing is only sustainable if it can ultimately be tied into actionable and measurable results for the company.

There are true costs associated with resources and tools used to create social media posts, email blasts, educational content, videos, etc.  If what your teams are creating with these different tools aren’t aligned with specific transaction goals that can be measured, (i.e. like getting X number of appointment requests, increasing web traffic by Y%, or increasing purchase transactions by Z%), it becomes hard to effectively manage the efforts and justify the cost.

At my company, Silver Tiger Consulting, we routinely help clients create a customer journey map that allows them to plan out the entire customer experience throughout different stages of interaction with their companies.  Creating select inbound marketing assets that are tied to measurable transaction results throughout this plan is a key driver of getting leads into the customer journey in the first place.

Constant Contact (full disclosure- we are a Certified Constant Contact Solution Provider) pulled together a variety of statistics showing that businesses that combine inbound marketing channels, like social media, in conjunction with engagement vehicles like email marketing report 73% more customer engagement, 57% more new customers, 54% more web site traffic, 40% more revenue and 39% more referrals.  A number of other marketing surveys (sources identified below) substantiate these statistics.  It is very clear in today’s environment that businesses small and large can no longer rely on just their web sites and email marketing to pull in new clients and sustain client retention and growth. 

We’ve outlined a few of the different types of assets and tools available and specific measurable transaction goals you can use to start building your own customer journey map in our chart below:

In our upcoming webinar on April 10, 2019, Drive New Leads with Inbound Marketing, we’ll be reviewing the available inbound marketing assets out there, many mentioned in the chart above, and when and how they can be effectively implemented to drive measurable transaction results.

Using just a few of the techniques and aligning them with measurable results will help you drive revenue and profit.  

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Silver Tiger Consulting has a comprehensive digital marketing strategy package available covering content marketing, social media marketing, lead magnet creation, marketplace sites, social review sites, and industry specific web site listings as well as a number of ongoing retainer plans available if you decide to outsource management of this on an ongoing basis. If we do not host your web site, we'd be happy to create a customized plan to suit your needs that can be used on any site, regardless of where it is hosted as long as you have some type of access to your site's Meta Data and the ability to update your site's content.  

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