In addition to our live group training events, Silver Tiger Consulting provides a number of pre-packaged email marketing solutions to get you started and provide ongoing support.   Most of these options are billed month to month* or in the case of the set-up and 1:1 training options, once up front.  We are happy to provide a free phone consultation to see if a custom solution tailored specifically to your current business situation might be a better fit.  Just give us a call at 781-968-5421 or email us a to discuss.

  All of our email marketing plan packages below utilize a managed Constant Contact account that we help our clients set up.   If you have a current Constant Contact account and would like our help, we can help you transition to a Managed Constant Contact account at no extra charge.  If you would like one on one help here at our offices with strategy planning or Constant Contact training, we also provide 90 minute sessions for $150 per session.  To purchase a single 90 minute session, please email

As an official Certified Constant Contact Solution Provider, we can set up your Constant Contact account (and often have discounts we can pass on to you) and manage as much of your Constant Contact account as you need.  If you do not see a pre-packaged option that fits your needs below, contact us today for a custom quote.  You always retain ownership of your Constant Contact account, even if you do not need Silver Tiger Consulting to manage your email marketing in the future.

Pre-Packaged Solutions:

Email and Social Media Marketing Strategy Development- $395*
Need to plan out your marketing strategy for a specific product or service roll out?  Need to plan out your marketing strategy for a quarter or a year?  Need help determining how best to formulate an auto-responder series of emails?  This package is the best way to start.  We will work together over the phone or here at Silver Tiger Consulting Headquarters for two 90 minute meetings to brainstorm and plan out your strategy.  You'll also get up to 1 hour of content development time to hash out draft wording of specific emails and social media posts that are key to the strategy we develop together.   This package does not include any email creation inside your Constant Contact account, technical support, or technical implementation of Constant Contact features, automated emails, or back-end integration.  Should you need these services, please consider our Accelerate Package described below. Please note- pricing is based on meetings held over the phone or at Silver Tiger Consulting headquarters in Wakefield, MA.  If travel is required, travel time and costs will be billed up front in addition to the base package cost.  If you have additional strategy session needs beyond the time included in this package, additional meeting time and/or content development time can be added on at a discounted rate of $95/hour or contact us for custom pricing.

One Time Email Marketing Setup Fee + First Month's Newsletter- $680*
• Set up Constant Contact account with client’s information, images, and contact information. • Creation of one landing page to collect new subscribers and have them self-identify interests • Assist client with collection processes including code for the insertion of sign-up form on websites • Select and customize one master template with client’s colors, logo, and desired formatting. • Setup of Lists/Tags to segment clients into special interest groups • Assistance Exporting Contacts from common applications such as Gmail, Outlook, Quickbooks, etc. and uploading client contacts from MS Word, MS Excel, or a csv file into specified interest categories (lists).
*Includes testing, cleaning, and uploading up to 1499 submitted contacts; additional contacts are billed at $50 per increment of 1-500.  Please note- not all contacts can be uploaded (i.e. contacts must have a valid email address).  The cost quoted is for submitted contacts.  The uploaded result will be lower as only contacts with valid emails will be loaded and duplicates, previous unsubscribes, and those with malformed email addresses will be removed in our cleaning process.  This plan includes one month of the basic newsletter plan below to send your first mailing out.  Please note- setting up autoresponders and integrating Constant Contact directly with another application for automatic sync (online store, database, etc.) is an additional cost and your integration will be billed as a custom project.  

Already have Constant Contact Set Up but Need a Revamp?  Use our Accelerate Package- $680*
Setting up a new subscriber registration landing page  and collection processes including code for the insertion of pop-up sign up and landing page for websites, and code for setting up join my list on Facebook  • Single customized template with client’s colors, logo, and desired formatting. • Setup of Lists/Tags/Segments to segment clients into special interest groups and assistance with cleaning up, tagging, and segmenting existing contacts based on email engagement inside Constant Contact • Assistance Exporting Contacts from one of the following common applications such as Gmail, Outlook, and Quickbooks, and uploading one exported file from MS Word, MS Excel, or a csv file into specified interest categories (lists) with tagging. • Set up of up to 2 autoresponder series using template created above with up to 2 emails each (or 2 total email templates)

Ongoing Monthly Plans:

Basic Newsletter Plan
Monthly Newsletter with up to 3 Segments- $250/mo*

Includes copy editing of existing content; creation of newsletter; assistance creating content topics and promotion ideas; uploading new contacts from excel file only- contacts must be clean- submitted in format- should not have "<, or other symbols in the email field; basic automated reporting on which contacts clicked what, which contact opened the email, which contacts unsubscribed; re-posting 2-3 content/promotion topics onto Facebook and/or providing links and content verbiage for reposting if we do not manage your social media pages.  We can manage your social media pages for an additional $99/month per page.  This basic plan includes 1 newsletter per month, and a quarterly kick-off account review to determine how to best handle any bounced contacts that occurred during the previous full quarter in which you were paying for our monthly service.  Please contact us for custom pricing on multiple emails and/or email newsletters per month at  Social media page management is available for an additional $99/page per month.

Ghost Writing + Newsletter Plan
Monthly Newsletter with up to 2 Segments plus 3rd segment linked to ghost written article $385/mo*
Includes everything in our basic newsletter plan above, plus a one page ghost written article (up to 300 words) that is linked to in the 3rd segment.  The ghost written article (i.e. Silver Tiger Consulting writes it for you with your input) needs to be hosted on your web site or your company LinkedIn page, so you will be emailed the article in both MS Word and in .pdf to either post on LinkedIn or have your web site provider post for you to your web site.   Please note- this service does not include obtaining and verifying source quotes, etc.  Topics must be approved at least 15 days prior to the email blast.  Please note, if you have our Web Site Premiere Plan, or we manage your current web site via another platform (i.e. Placester), most of this email marketing plan is already included.  You can add on the Ghost Written Article to your existing Web Site Premier Plan for $135. Please contact us today for add-ons at

Copy Editing and Tech Support Only Plan
Ideal for the do it yourself marketing expert who needs just a little help- $99/mo*

Includes copy editing and QA'ing of the final version of a newsletter you create yourself each month and up to 1 hour of minor tech support over the phone or via email during the month to assist with the creation of the newsletter, uploading or tagging new contacts, creating landing pages, understanding reports, etc.  Additional tech support hours can be purchased for $85/hour as needed.   This subscription requires that you opt-in to the managed account feature with a Constant Contact subscription.  This is a free opt-in feature available with Constant Contact that allows us to have our own, separate login to help you manage your Constant Contact account.   If you do sign up for this option, we will help you turn on the managed account feature.

Custom Projects
Need Constant Contact integrated with another application,  back-end eCommerce application, or database?  We can help.  We provide the technical know how and expertise to integrate Constant Contact with more than 100 different applications and our list is growing monthly.   Contact us today with your project information for a quote: 

*Billed Month to Month, Prices subject to change, No Contract- 15 days notice to cancel or change plans is required in writing to

Monthly Email Plans

Need to unsubscribe or switch monthly options?  Please note- we require written notice that you are cancelling.  This courtesy allows us to appropriately stop any ongoing work we have planned for your upcoming newsletter that extends past your next billing date so we do not incur costs you do not intend to pay.  Please contact us in writing at as soon as you know you'd like to cancel.  We do not refund for partial month's payments of the above email management plans, but as long as you email us 15 business days prior to your next billing date, we will stop the next billing (or switch to a different plan if that is your request.).  You'll receive a written confirmation of your cancellation request that will include the date you are paid through.  Existing ad campaigns and any existing prepaid work requests will run until the end of your prepaid billing cycle, even if you submit your cancellation notice.  If you are unsure of your next billing date, please email today.

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