Silver Tiger Consulting Web Site Solutions for Home IMprovement Contractors

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We specialize in web sites for contractors in the home improvement and building industry.  Examples of business owners we have helped include painters, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, flooring contractors, masonry and landscape companies, general contractors, handyman service providers, and HVAC companies.

We understand the budgets  and challenges your type of business works with.  We also understand that you don't have a lot of time to manage a complicated web site or marketing plan.

We have put together a basic web site package for those in the construction industry that starts at a one time set up fee of $349 for building the site and a $15/month hosting fee.  This package can be added on to as your business grows with any of our digital marketing packages.  Many in the building industry, however, find that even just this basic web site package gives their business the boost it needs to bring in new and repeat customers.

This basic package includes:

  • Creation of an initial 3 page web site
  • Search engine optimization
  • Stock photos if needed
  • Forms for lead generation directly to email
  • Registration of a domain name if needed
  • First month's hosting is free 

The initial $349 also includes uploading of any existing content and pictures you would like us to add to the initial 3 pages, and basic content creation if you do not have anything written or would like us to pull from an existing Facebook, Houzz, or Angie's list pages (i.e. pricing, company description, etc.).  It also includes free use of our stock media if you need additional professional quality pictures to launch your site. Hosting per month is $15 after the first month and any changes or updates you'd like made to your site after the first month you pay for at a specially discounted rate of $32.50 per half hour.  Most future changes require only a half hour of work, and include simple updates such as adding new pictures, new staff bios, etc.  Annual domain name renewal is an extra $15 in the month in which it renews.  There is no contract required and billing is month to month.  The monthly $15 hosting plan can be cancelled or upgraded at any time with 15 days written notice prior to the next billing.  We also have optional streamlined marketing plans that can be added to the site that include advertising on Facebook, and Google, email newsletters to past clients and more. 

To get started or inquire about getting your web site built: call us at 781-968-5421 or email

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