About our Founder and Owner
Cori DiDonato

Cori DiDonato has over 21 years of experience in business management, including owning and operating a retail CrossFit gym for 10 years which she successfully sold in 2016.   Prior to owning Silver Tiger Consulting,  Ms. DiDonato held various leadership positions in the high-tech and finance world, including VP, Strategic Product Sales for Washington Mutual, VP, Infrastructure and Engineering/CIO at Medem, Inc., and management positions at Oracle Corporation,  PeopleSoft, and Wells Fargo.  Ms. DiDonato holds a B.S. in Corporate Communications from Ithaca College. In addition to owning Silver Tiger Consulting, Cori is a Co-Founder of The Property Ducks, a real estate development company, and also the owner of CrossFit Silver Tiger, another local Wakefield, MA business.   

Silver Tiger Consulting and CrossFit Silver Tiger are divisions of CD Strength LLC.

Creating, managing, and running a business is one of the most challenging and rewarding ways of contributing to your community.  You create jobs and are part of the economic engine driving the economy of your city, town, and beyond. 

When a business operation or financial challenge comes up that you want another opinion on, or even to find out what your options are, give us a call. Sometimes outsourcing just a small part of your business operations, application management, or a project that you've had to back burner for too long is all you need to kick your business to the next level.

In addition to Cori, we have a seasoned network of professionals, some of which are also former CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CFOs, Directors of HR, and business owners themselves.  We are ready and willing to help implement, advise, and otherwise jump in there with you so you succeed and keep building the company you set out to create.  

Silver Tiger Consulting is a certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts SDO ID #20180276

Silver Tiger Consulting

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